FIBC Reconditioning

We have been reconditioning bags since the establishment of LC Packaging in 1923. We used to only recondition jute bags, but we now also provide this service for all of our FIBCs (big bags/jumbo bags). We believe that our fossil fuels are not inexhaustible and that we should use them more sparingly.

FIBCs can be reused up to six times
That is why LC Packaging offers customers in Europe the opportunity to have us clean their FIBCs, check them for defects and prepare them for use once again. Some FIBCs can be reused up to six times.

Location: Almere (the Netherlands)
The FIBCs are reconditioned in Almere (the Netherlands) at Worldbag BV. Worldbag has been operational in this market since 1996 and has been part of the LC Packaging Group since 2009. FIBC customers of LC Packaging therefore have both new FIBCs and reconditioned FIBCs available to them.

We currently serve the following industries: glass fibres, resins, zeolites, polymers, flame retardants and titanium dioxide. As a rule, we do not recondition FIBCs that have contained hazardous substances or construction industry single-use bags.

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